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Hey! I am Amé

All infos for a road trip in Cambodia
Travel Hacks – Cheap Plane Tickets
Travel Tutorial: How to save money to travel
Travel Vlog – First time in India: Delhi

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Traveling solo: 7 unmissable things to do before departure

How to prepare your trip without planning everything?  Even if you want to go on a round-the-world trip or a backpacking trip completely on your own, you have to think about visas, money and a few other things. WhereContinue reading “Traveling solo: 7 unmissable things to do before departure”

Lockdown Kampot 2020

KAMPOT LAZY TOWN CRAZY NIGHTS In May 2020, after six weeks of isolation on a Cambodian island, I discover Kâmpôt, its beauty, its community. Nature speaks to me, spirituality intoxicates me and my life is forever changed. This originalContinue reading “Lockdown Kampot 2020”


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I am nomad

Former job search advisor and travel agency employee, I have been travelling full time and living abroad since 2013.


I am an online French teacher, vlogger, blogger, video creator, drone cameraman and event planner. I have 2 companies and a freelance status.

On the road I do every kind of job and I work online.

Feel free to contact me about:

  • Holidays, destinations, road trip (Asia, America, Europe),
  • specific topics: travel insurance, visa, packing, plane tickets, transportation, accommodation, volontariste, internet, itineraries, online jobs, etc.
  • professional and personal projects

Do you need advice about a destination, a travel project, airline tickets, travel insurance, sim cards, transport, hostels, online jobs, volunteering, etc.


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